My Models (so far)

Traction Engine built from scratch no drawings as such, just made it up as I went along.
One inch bore, one inch stroke, 80 psi from a LPG burner under the boiler and it pulls me about on a little trolley. How good is that
The pressure gauge is off an old compressor, initially it was much closer to the boiler and it got too much heat and blew apart
the soft soldering inside – oh what fun that was!
bits of old bicycle and old lathe change gears for the final drive
No water pump or reversing gear – yet!!
My O.B. Bolton No 12 Beam Engine. This I did have a set of drawings for.
Flywheel needs to be remade at some point, the one here is a re-engineered cast iron wheel from an old wheelbarrow ( 7 spokes!)
A nearly completed Triple Expansion Marine engine, again some bits are of my own design, namely the drain valve set up from the
tops and bottoms of the cylinders
The steel barrel next to the water and air pumps will be the condenser unit, I think the big copper pipe at the top for the exhaust feed to the condenser is a wee bit big? I will use smaller tube I think
Nice view of the crank and con rods

Published by oldimperial

71 years old, retired toolmaker, love mechanical things, home workshop, build models of Industrial revolution engines and the like.

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